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PC Computer Upgrade Service

PC Computer Upgrade Service

Finding your PC is running slowly these days?  Considering buying a new one? Your computer may not be done for yer, in fact most cusomers we meet don't need to change thier PC when a simple computer upgrade can bring thier PC back to life and running better than ever before.

In most cases, the computer upgrade needn't be expensive too as the work tends to be a memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, or software upgrade. In fact sometimes, we find a simple PC health check can completely negate the need for an upgrade at all.

If you're near Bury, Bolton or Manchester, we can perform a wide variety of upgrades including hardware (CPU (processor), memory, video card, hard drive, etc.) and software including drivers and operating systems. Better still, these can all be done at your home and in quick time.

Give us a call if you think your PC is in need of an upgrade.

PC Upgrades

25 initial hour then 10ph thereafter
Price excludes parts and VAT 


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