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Fixed Fee PC Health Check

Fixed Fee PC Health Check

This is our best selling service and is enjoyed by customers all over the region.

Our PC health check is a great way to for you to keep your system, in peek condition.  Most people who use our health check service have us coming back on a regular basis as it (a) saves loads of time and (b) keeps your system in  peek condition so you can continue using your PC with total peace of mind.

The PC health check includes:

  • Full windows critical and non-critical updates
  • Antivirus program updates
  • Antivirus database updates
  • Full Antivirus scan/repair
  • Spyware program updates
  • Spyware database updates
  • Full Spyware scan/repair
  • Full hard drive scan 
  • Full hard drive defrag
  • Hardware, software and driver check-up

Customer wishing to sign up for a regular monthly/bi-monthly health check will receive a discounted rate:


Single Health Check

Fixed fee 20 (if you have a broadband internet connection)
Fixed free 25 (if you have a dial-up internet connection)

Regular Health Check (monthly/bimonthly)

Fixed fee 15 (if you have a broadband internet connection)
Fixed free 20 (if you have a dial-up internet connection)

Price excludes VAT 



* The No fix/No Fee promise is for Bolton residents only and only applies to the problem you told us about.  * There will still be a charge (minimum 20) if we find the fault and you decide to repair/upgrade yourself

** Minimum charge 20 

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