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Free Computer Tech Support

Free Computer Tech Support

If you're having problems with your PC and you need an answer, pop onto our free computer tech support forum called The Recycle Bin.  

Here you can post your questions and get the answer you need from either a member of Bolton Computers staff or other members on the site.  It's easy, you just enter your question online, then you'll get an email when someone posts a reply.

Just remember to check back if your problem is email related :)

Due to the nature of message boards/forums, response times may vary, but post your question anyway as it will be answered and will also contribute to the site, helping other visitors in the future.

In addition to PC support/discussion, you will find gaming support and reviews, PC security, internet talk, software and general chat.  Oh and a happy mix of members, some strange, some not so strange!

Visit The Recycle Bin now. 



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